Viscous Liquid Auto Bottle Filling Machine With PLC Automatic Control

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Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: Guanhao
Model Number: Auto Bottle Filling Machine
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Viscous Liquid Auto Bottle Filling Machine With PLC Automatic Control


Auto Bottle Filling Machine Introduction


Automatic filling machine is a volumetric filling system, the filling volume is controled by the stroke of the piston movement. The piston filler is mostly apply for filling viscous liquid, semi liquid and thin liquid products, such as cosmetic products, daily chemical products, and also for food products, such as honey filling machine, sauce filling machine. It is idea piston liquid filler for big range of liquid and container.


Auto Bottle Filling Machine Function and Features:

1. This Machine can be used in pure water, mineral water,fruit juice and fruit wine,etc. For washing filling capping controlled by PLC.
2.The gravity fixed liquid surface filling is fast.
3.The magnetic torque is used for screw capping.
4.The Machine by PLC automatic control, the production capacity can be displayed digitally and can be adjusted conveniently.


Filling process:


Manual release of the tank (positioning of the tank by means of a positioning plate) - press the start button - press down on the bottle head and press it down to the tank port to seal tightly - drain oxygen (drain CO2 out through the tank to vent oxygen) - reserve CO2 inside the tank ( The pressure of CO2 prepared in the tank is the same as the pressure of the beer source) - Isobaric (The pressure in the buffer tank and the pressure inside the can reach the state of full isobaric pressure) - Filling (The equipment comes with the liquor in the buffer tank In the can)  - Filling stop (through time control) - tank pressure regulator (Because the CO2 activity contained in the beer liquid just entering the can is large, it needs an appropriate period of time to stabilize, otherwise it is easy to release the pressure inside the can. The production of alcohol foam) - pressure relief (because it is sealed under pressure filling, so after the end of the filling, the cans contain pressure, at this time the pressure in the tank to be vented to normal pressure) - stop (injection head lift) - Push can (when the injection head is lifted, the push can cylinder pushes the canned can to the front position. After the cylinder of the push can is reset, the can is manually placed on the positioning tray again, and the start button is clicked to activate the device. Into the circulation filling state);


Bottling operation process:


When the push can cylinder pushes out the already filled cans, the lids are first manually placed on the can ends of the cans, and then the cans are placed in the positioning tray of the capping machine. When the capping machine automatically detects a can body, the capping machine automatically performs a capping state, and after the cap is closed (controlled by time, can be adjusted), the cap is manually removed from the positioning tray and put into the next pot again. . Cycle in sequence.


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