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3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line

3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line

  • 3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line
  • 3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line
  • 3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line
  • 3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line
3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhangjiagang city Jiangsu provice China
Certification: CE/ISO9001-2008
Model Number: 3 layers heat mixing tank
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 2400-3000USD
Packaging Details: Sea shipping Wooden case
Delivery Time: 25-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 20sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: 3 Layers Electric Heating Jacket Mixing Tank Capacity: 500L-1000L
Pressure: Vacuum-0.6Mpa Structure: Inner Layer+jacket Layer+middle Layer+insulation+outer Layer
Insulation Material: Polyurethane Foam Heating Power: 12KW For 500L / 24KW For 1000L
Manhole Decametre: 400mm Diameter Of Inlet&outlet: 38mm
High Light:

1000L Jacketed Mixing Tank


500L Jacketed Mixing Tank


12KW stainless steel mixing tank

Description of 3 layer thermal oil heat blending tank for carbonated drink filling line
Application of electric heating mixing tank:
The electric heating mixing tank has the advantages of energy saving, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity and convenient cleaning. It is widely used in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industrial sectors as necessary equipment for electric heating, heat preservation and sterilization, or slurry storage. Working principle: High-shear dispersion emulsification is to efficiently, quickly and evenly distribute one phase or multiple phases to another continuous phase, and under normal circumstances, each phase is insoluble in each other. Due to the strong kinetic energy brought by the high tangential speed and high-frequency mechanical effect of the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the immiscible solid, liquid, and gas phases can be uniformly and finely instantaneously under the combined action of the corresponding mature technology and appropriate additives After dispersing and emulsifying, after high frequency reciprocation, stable and high-quality products are finally obtained.
Put the solid or liquid in the mixing tank before use, heat the liquid while mixing while discharging, and put it in the storage tank after stirring. It can be used in food (dairy), pharmaceutical, daily chemical, beverage, oil, chemical, paint and other industries as intermediate buffer, liquid storage, stirring, mixing equipment heating, mixing and mixing or sterilization treatment.
Product description:
The batching tank is a top-opening type, which has the functions of heating, automatic temperature control, heat preservation, and stirring; it has the advantages of fast heat transfer, large temperature difference adaptation, and convenient cleaning. It is widely used in food (dairy), pharmaceutical, daily chemical, beverage, oil, chemical, pigment and other industries for heating, mixing and sterilization. It is especially suitable for small and pilot test use in units and scientific research institutions without steam heat source. It can also adopt a fully enclosed structure according to process requirements.
Product structure and features:
1. Main technology and structural performance: 1. Volume: 300L, 500L, 600L, 1000L~5000L.
2. Heating method: the electric heating rod is inserted into the jacket, and the heating is even and there is no cold zone. Heat transfer oil or water is injected into the jacket as the heating medium to generate heat energy to heat the materials in the tank.
3. Material heating temperature: ≤350℃; material heating time: 20min~90min (depending on process requirements).
4. Temperature control: Use electric thermocouple to measure temperature and connect with temperature controller to measure and control temperature (temperature difference ±≤1°C), and adjust the temperature of materials. The temperature controller is installed in the electric control box, and the temperature transmission rod is inserted straight into the bottom of the tank, so that the temperature can be indicated even when the material is used in a low position.
5. Tank body: inner surface is mirror polished, roughness Ra≤0.4μm.
6. Upper cover: Two openable movable covers, which are easy to clean, and the inner and outer surfaces are mirror polished (roughness Ra≤0.4μm).
7. The structure of the inner tank bottom: it is processed into an R angle by spinning, and there is no dead angle after welding and polishing with the inner tank body, and it is inclined at 5° to the direction of the discharge port, which is convenient for cleaning the material without stagnation.
8. Jacket form: full jacket, used to add heat transfer oil or water to achieve the purpose of heating and cooling during work.
9. Insulation material: It is filled with pearl wool, rock wool or polyurethane pouring and foaming to maintain the temperature difference with the outside, and achieve the effect of heat insulation.
10. Surface treatment of the outer shell: mirror polishing or 2B primary color matt or 2B matte surface treatment.
11. Stirring device: Stirring at the center of the top. The output shaft of the reducer and the shaft of the stirring paddle are connected by loopers, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
12. Stirring speed: 15~120r/min (constant speed); stirring paddle type: frame type, anchor type, blade type, turbine type, etc. (according to process requirements).
13. Equipment configuration: electrical control box, temperature meter, material and liquid inlet and outlet, medium inlet and outlet (oil inlet and outlet), vent (oil spill hole), etc.
14. Material: inner tank SUS304 or SUS316L; jacket is Q235-B or SUS304; outer protective shell is SUS304.
15. The process opening of each inlet and outlet pipe and the welding place of the inner tank adopt the arc transition of the flanging process, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead corners, and the appearance is beautiful.

The electric heating jacket mixing tank is used to mixing material like juice, milk, drink, chemicals, cosmetics and so on.

The heating method is to heat the heating medium by the electric heating tube installed in the jacket of the tank body to generate heat energy to indirectly heat the material in the tank.

Because of its uniform heating, high use temperature (up to 300℃), fast heating speed, accurate temperature control, low pressure and high thermal efficiency, heat transfer oil is widely used as a heating medium in such equipment.



1, quick open manhole at top

2, anti foaming liquid inlet,

3, CIP cleaning head,

4, dust proof respirator,

5, glass lever gauge

6, sampling valve

7, anti rotational flow outlet

8, low liquid lever sensor

9, height adjustable stand

10, Inclined oar agitator

11,Heating pipe

Parameters of our 500L and 1000L 3 layers Electric heating jacket mixing tank:
Capacity 500LPH 1000LPH
Material SUS304
Pressure Vacuum-0.6Mpa
Structure inner layer+jacket layer+middle layer+insulation+outer layer
Heating way Electric heating
Heating Power (kw) 12KW 24KW
Motor power (kw) 0.75 0.75
Motor speed (rpm) 35
Inner thickness (mm) 3
Jacket thickness (mm) 50
Middle layer thickness (mm) 2
Insulation thickness(mm) 50
Outer thickness (mm) 2
Insulation material Polyurethane foam
Manhole diameter (mm) 400
Diameter of inlet&outlet (mm) 38
Dimension of tank body (D*H)(mm) 800*1000 1100*1220
Total Height (mm) 2100 2420
Weight (KG) 310 400
3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line 0
3 Layer Thermal Oil Heat Blending Tank For Carbonated Drink Filling Line 1

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