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Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine

Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine

  • Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine
  • Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine
  • Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine
  • Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine
Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhangjiagang city Jiangsu provice China
Certification: CE/ISO9001-2008
Model Number: GBZX-20
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 50000-54000USD
Packaging Details: Sea shipping Wooden case
Delivery Time: 20-25 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Packing Bottles In Carton Capavity: 20carton/min
Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic Power: 10KW
Glue Machine Power: 3KW Size: 6000*2100*2088mm
Weight: 380KG Applied Bottle Type: PET Bottle/Tin Can/Glass Bottle
High Light:

10KW Carton Packaging Machine


3KW Carton Packaging Machine


2088mm carton packaging equipment

Description of Hot glue one piece box carton packaging machine


Structural features:

1. The main drive adopts variable frequency speed regulation and PLC control technology, combined with human-machine interface to realize stepless speed regulation. The main control adopts Siemens programming controller, which has fast communication capabilities and powerful diagnostic functions to ensure the reliability of the system. Convenient operation, compact and reasonable structure, high degree of automation;

2. Reliable work: the machine is realized by pneumatic components to achieve the packaging action of the product, and the product conveying on the main chain is driven by the servo motor to ensure that the product is accurately in place at each station. Pneumatic and electric control make the product accurate and reliable Complete the perfect packaging molding of the product;

3. Smooth operation: the entire packaging process is driven by a servo motor to drive the product on the main chain, which realizes a smooth transition from one station to the next station, starting and stopping, and is combined with pneumatic, electrical, and optical controls to achieve automated operation . Movement coordination, smooth and accurate movement;

4. The conveying box channel adopts micro pressure control design;

5. Meet the requirements of food hygiene: oil-free pneumatic components are used, and most of the moving parts adopt a humanized design that does not need to be lubricated for life, which reduces a lot of use costs for users. A small part of the moving parts need to be lubricated by the user, which is convenient to refuel, and the daily maintenance is simple and trouble-free; at the same time, it has low noise and no oil pollution;

6. Paper feeding adopts automatic continuous feeding;

7. Equipped with multiple protection functions, stop in time when failure occurs. Such as: automatic shutdown when the carton is not full and waiting; automatic shutdown and waiting when the bottle is not full on the bottle conveying table; automatic shutdown when paper jams in the paper feeding position and box dropping; automatic shutdown when the operator enters the safety isolation line, etc. ;

8. The bottle conveying system adopts domestic high-quality integral network chain with transition plate to ensure a smooth transition with the buyer's conveyor belt; the complete machine system automatically adjusts the packaging speed by following the product bottle feeding speed on the conveyor belt.

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Advantages of this machine:

1. Straight-in bottle method: small footprint, simplifies the conveying system before the packing machine, and reduces the investment cost of the entire line equipment;

2. Adopt side feeding paper method: simple and reasonable structure, low failure rate;

3. Two-stage decompression is adopted: the product is effectively decompressed, the bottle falls smoothly, and the bottle does not jam, and the success rate of the bottle is 100%; the product is in a state of low pressure and steady delivery after the falling and packing process, and has a structure design for preventing the bottle from falling. Basically eliminate the phenomenon of bottle falling;

4. Servo bottle dropping system is adopted: high positioning accuracy, precise movement action, effectively reducing shock and vibration during equipment operation, and greatly improving equipment operation stability and reliability;


The main technical parameters:

Capacity: 20carton/min
Packing method: Carton packing
Applicable bottle type: Tin,PET bottle,glass bottle
Power: 10KW
Conveyor motor power: 1.1-1.5KW
Lifting servo motor power: 2KW
Main chain servo motor power: 3KW
Cardboard feeding motor power: 0.55KW
Glue machine power: 3KW
Control power: 24V DC
Compressed air: 0.6Mpa,300L/min
Size: 6000*2100*2088mm
Weight: 380KG
MAX size of carton that can be packed: 460*280*350mm
MIN size of carton that can be packed: 240*150*120mm
Cardboard requirements: Meet the national standard GB/T 6544-2008

Hot Glue One Piece Box Carton Packaging Machine 1


Applied bottle type: round bottle, square bottle, alien bottle.

Package product Package specification Capacity Applied bottle type
200ML-400ML 4*6,4*5,3*4or 3*5,2*3 ect 20carton/minute PET/Tin/Glass bottle
300ML-500ML 4*6,4*5,3*4or 3*5,2*3 ect 20carton/minute PET/Tin/Glass bottle
300ML-600ML 4*6,4*5,3*4or 3*5,2*3 ect 20carton/minute PET/Tin/Glass bottle
500ML-1250ML 3*4, 2*3 ect 20carton/minute PET/Tin/Glass bottle
1250ML-2500ML 2*3,2*2ect 20carton/minute PET/Tin/Glass bottle


Carton package procedure flow:

The bottles are transported by conveyor, and be inspected and arranged according to the programmed process, after finishing complete carton arrangement, the cardboard supplying mechanism will send the send the cardboard into the machine, and the bottle dropping mechanism will drop the bottles into the cardboard, and than the cardboard folding mechanism will fold the cardboard, glue it and seal it step by step. The formed the carton will be send out of the machine by the roller, which improves the production efficiency and realize full automatic manless production.


Main configuration:

Name Brand
Sensor SICK - Germany
Frequency converter DANFOSS - Denmark
Touch screen Simens - Germany
servo motor Schneider - France
Buttons, switches, contactors Schneider - France
Hot melt glue machine Robatec - Switzerland
Bearing TR
Pneumatic Components AirTAC - TaiWan


Spare parts:

NO. Name. Qty.
1 Net chain of bottle inlet 1 meter
2 Roller ball at the end of the divider 10pcs
3 Glue machine Circular needle 3pcs
4 Upper fold hook 2pcs
5 Vacuumed sucking disk for cardboard 8pcs
6 Vacuumed sucking disk for carton 2pcs
7 Φ6 Connector for Air Hose 3pcs
8 Φ8 Connector for Air Hose 3pcs
9 Carton delivery finger (positive) 5pcs
10 Send carton finger (reverse) 5pcs

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